Battlefield Baseball is a tough game--it doesn't end until all the members on the opposing team are dead. In this game the Gedo High team is composed of blue-faced zombies, and their opponents on the Seido High team know they don't have a chance at beating them unless they can bring back a star pitcher who has a lethal pitch called the Super Tornado, but who has hung up his cleats and has no desire to return to the game.

『Jigoku Kôshien』 (2003)

- 地獄甲子園 -

Director: Yudai Yamaguchi

Writers: Isao Kiriyama (screenplay), Gatarô Man (comic)

Stars: Tak Sakaguchi, Atsushi Itô, Hideo Sakaki


*Cinematographer : Takumi Furuya

Copyright @ Takumi Furuya , ALL rights reserved.